About TLN

TLN is the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics. Did you know our small country became a major international player thanks to transport and logistics?

Not a day without transport and logistics

Without transport, everything would come to a standstill. Whether it be supermarkets, museums, libraries, concert halls or dairy farms – they all need transport for their daily activities. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Dutch lorries ensure that goods are delivered safely and on time to national and international destinations.

Life without transport would not only be difficult, it would also be nigh on impossible. The transport and logistics sector is a driving force behind the success of The Netherlands. And TLN plays a major role in this success. TLN helps entrepreneurs to manage their companies, by keeping members informed about the latest developments.

What do we do?

Such a large and important sector deserves an effective and experienced association that is able to defend its interests. The Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics is the largest and most prominent lobby organisation in the Dutch road transport and logistics sector. TLN supports its members in various areas. For example, the association helps to arrange transport agreements for individual members and worthy pensions for the sector as a whole.

Further, TLN is a strong lobbyist in The Hague and Brussels, and is also able to deal with specific market segments like animal transport, removals, courier services and many other specialisations.

Over the years, TLN has been very successful on many fronts. This includes the expansion of road networks and the improvement of collective labour agreements (CLAs) in the transport sector. TLN has also helped to make the Dutch transport sector into one of the safest and cleanest in the world. An effective marketing campaign has also helped to significantly improve the sector’s image.

No matter what the future may bring, TLN is ready to meet all challenges head-on. It aims to do this by generating new developments in transport and logistics, in areas such as mobility, road safety, sustainability and effective entrepreneurship. It also wants to support and advise transport companies, and continue to expand horizons through active involvement. Transport is engrained into our daily existence – we simply cannot cope without it. And TLN is there to support everyone who plays a role in this essential sector.

About the road transport sector

There are currently around 163,000 lorries in The Netherlands, of which approximately 108,000 belong to transport companies. The road transport sector employs about 150.000​ people and the logistics sector employs a total of 617,000 people. Thus, 1 in 12 people in The Netherlands works in the transport and logistics sector.

A small country like The Netherlands has become a major international player thanks to transport and logistics, with the Dutch road transport sector transporting an estimated 700 million tonnes of goods each year. One of the most commonly transported commodities is milk. Each year, road transport is used to transport around 12 million litres of milk from farms to dairy produce manufacturers throughout the Netherlands.